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Warsaw Chapter Poland (WChP),  Warsaw Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club , has its roots in Greenvillage Chapter Poland, the first Polish HOG chapter, under the leadership of Wojtek Piotrowicz, who was the founder and sole president of the Club. Greenvillage Chapter Poland had legal personality and was registered in the National Court Register in 1995 as the Harley-Davidson H.O.G. Greenvillage Chapter Poland Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owners Association. This Club operated and had its headquarters at the first Polish authorized Dealer of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in Zielonka at Marecka street - Wojtek Echilczuk.

Warsaw Chapter Poland officially exists since August 2001, when it was organized at the newly established dealer of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Warsaw - Liberator Shop (Bogdan Bogdanowicz, Audrey Kwilman, Jan Kwilman), which enabled our club to join the Harley Owners Group ( H.O.G.). There were just over 20 people at the founding meeting. Year after year, the number gradually increased to reach almost 180 members in 2015. The club, in accordance with the rules of the HOG organisation, made an annual declaration confirming its willingness to join HOG, which was accepted and confirmed each time in accordance with the rules of the HOG chapters by the Dealer and Regional HOG Manager.

Since April 2011 our Club has been a legal entity, acting as a non-profit association, based largely on the principles of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), an organization to which the majority of members belong (as of 2019). Since 2016, as a result of the decision of Dealer Jan Kwilman (Liberator) and H.O.G. Regional Manager Rossa Chambers, our Club - Warsaw Chapter Poland - is no longer a member of HOG and acts as an independent club, although the majority of its members still belong individually to HOG. At the same time, since 2016 our Club has not sent any more affiliate declarations to HOG.

Read the related important statement sent to HD clubs in Poland and neighboring countries


Because some of the Club members are  Harley Owners Group members as well, each of them has the right to wear HOG badges, hence the colours on our vests have remained the same since 2001. Club members additionally use the logotype of the Motorcycle Mermaid and the Warsaw Chapter Poland patch ( our registered trademarks) as well as the Mexican skull logotype adapted for Club mark.

Please read the legal notice concerning our registered trademarks. https://www.chapter.pl/en/terms-of-use

The main goal of the Club is to ride a harley - to travel the kilometres together, where friendship is best formed and when you can get to know each other better. Our Club is open for new members and you don't have to live in Warsaw to join us. Among us are people from all over Poland and abroad as well.  We especially welcome harley riding ladies who are still not enough in Poland. Apart from numerous trips to the harleys, we meet at monthly meetings (the second Tuesday of the month at 8 pm). We organize many  events, behind us many international Harley-Davidson motorcycle rallies . We take part in charity actions, which we also conduct ourselves.

We are still the largest Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club in Poland. On 1 January 2020 we have 100 members. If you want to experience interesting adventures and wonderful moments on Harley like we do - just sign up for us. We give you opportunities - the rest is up to you. And it does not matter where you live!

Take a look at our website carefully - see how many similar experiences could be yours too!

If you are finally thinking about signing up for Warsaw Chapter Poland, read the FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you think that  everything or almost everything is clear to you now and you really want it - download our Membership Form!  Fill it out and send to us as soon as possible by e-mail - warsaw[AT]chapter[DOT]pl

Warsaw Chapter Poland 
Glebocka 56a lok.1

e-mail : warsaw[AT]chapter[DOT]pl 

President : Darek Kramek  +48 601 222 506

See  you !!!