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Welcome to Club

If you like to ride a harley, to have fun and company - you couldn't hit better!
In the biggest  Polish Motorcycle Club there is a place for you. We create opportunities for you, you choose them.
The long history of the Club is full of trips, parties, interesting people. Now you can be a part of the history that is constantly being created. You do not have to live in Warsaw, you do not have to be a member of HOG, you don't have to even live in Poland. You have to want to be a part of our team and to travel the kilometers by harley. We don't promise to drive around the city because we don't like to rub against cars, but you can expect trips around the city, near and far, riding around Poland, Europe and the world.
Do not wait, because time is running out!
Fill out our Membership Form and send it  to us, ASAP   -  warsaw@chapter.pl.